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  Published on January 23, 2018


An Increased The Risk Of Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Diseases And Weight Gain By Eating Too Fast


A study shows that eating too quickly can cause five times increased the risk of stroke, heart diseases and type 2 diabetes and three times increased the risk of weight gain of three stone.

The risk of metabolic syndrome, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and weight gain (obesity) by eating too fast.

The metabolic syndrome is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes (T2D), heart diseases and stroke. Over a period of five years starting from 2008, researchers have conducted a study on 1,083 adult participants, 441 women and 642 men, to find out an association between the eating speed and the risk of a metabolic syndrome. The average age of the participants was 51.2 years. All the participants are without any signs of metabolic syndrome at the start of the study.

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They have collected the following details with a self-administered questionnaire on each participant.

  • Food habits.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Physical activity (workouts).
  • Medical events.
  • Health problems.

After observing their eating speed, they divided them into three groups.

  • Slow Eaters
  • Normal Eaters
  • Fast Eaters

The study has found a metabolic syndrome in 84 participants. They found the development of the following negative health factors which are contributing to the metabolic syndrome in those participants.

  • Higher fasting blood sugar (glucose) levels.
  • Higher levels of LDL or "BAD" cholesterol.
  • Lower levels of HDL or "GOOD" cholesterol.
  • Higher triglyceride levels.
  • Increased waistline or abdominal obesity.
  • Weight gain of more than ten kgs (or 22 lbs).

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The following table shows the risk of metabolic syndrome in the three groups.

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Group The risk of metabolic syndrome
Fast eaters 11.6%
Normal eaters 6.5%
Slow eaters 2.3%

The study shows an enhanced risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity with fast eating. The authors say that the enhanced risk not only to the Japanese but also to the citizens of the United States and Western population. So eating slowly can prevent the development of metabolic syndrome and this factor should be included in the lifestyle of an individual.

They also say that an individual may not feel full and likely to consume more while eating fast. Eating fast may cause high fluctuations in blood glucose (sugar) levels and increases the risk of insulin resistance. An individual can have a smaller waistline and a lower risk of metabolic syndrome by taking more time eating.

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Due to the obesity and sedentary lifestyle, an estimate shows that the metabolic syndrome was affecting more than 34 percent of the adults in the United States and 25 percent of the adults in the United Kingdom.

Lead author of the study was Dr. Takayuki Yamaji, MD, a cardiologist from Hiroshima University, in the cities of Higashihiroshima and Hiroshima, Japan. The study was presented at the Scientific Sessions 2017 of the American Heart Association, held in Anaheim, California, between November 11 and 15, 2017. Title of the study was "Gobbling your food may harm your waistline and heart."

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