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    Published on February 7, 2018


TensorTip COG non-invasive, needle-free, Combo-Glucometer from Cnoga, Israel to measure blood glucose levels


Currently, a patient with diabetes is checking blood sugar (glucose) levels for multiple times in a day with a finger-pricking (a painful) device. Scientists for the last several years are trying to develop an innovative and non-invasive device, that can measure blood sugar (or glucose) levels quickly, accurately and easily. They successfully developed blood sugar levels measuring devices such as semi-invasive needle sensors. But still, these devices still require insertion of the needle under the skin and the needle has to be changed regularly.

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TensorTip COG MTX non-invasive, painless, needle-free, blood sugar (glucose) levels measuring devices.

Cnoga Medical Ltd company, Caesarea, a North-central Israel based startup has developed the TensorTip COG glucometer device, which is the first commercially available, non-invasive, needle-free, Combo-Glucometer to measure blood sugar (or glucose) levels accurately for a patient with type 2 diabetes (T2D) or with pre-diabetes. A glucometer for a patient with type 1 diabetes (T1D) is under development.

The glucometer device uses light-emitting-diodes (LED), a camera, a glucose meter (approved in several countries), supported algorithms and software program. The product is equipped with an add-on blood sugar meter. The user can use regular test strips to calibrate the device or during an emergency.

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The user needs to insert the finger into the device for about 40 seconds to measure blood glucose levels. The glucometer device uses a camera sensor to detect the changes in the LED light reflected from the finger. The blood glucose level data will be displayed on the monitor. The data can be sent to a health care center with the help of a cloud or cellphone.

The product is a non-invasive device to measure blood sugar levels for a number of times every day. The product can be used for more than two years. The product is economical when the entire period of use was considered. But the product needs calibration by finger pricking for a few times a day during the first week.

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The product underwent clinical examination in Germany. The trials were validated by the device technology, performance and accuracy. Trials were conducted on adults with the product. The device is not yet approved for the usage among children. The COG or TensorTip device results are similar to the results with needle sensors.

The device was approved or certified in China, Brazil and the European Union. The Cnoga Medical Ltd Company is planning for US FDA approval in the current year. The price of the product is between $1,000 and $1,500 and it is available on the company website.

The company has plans to develop a pocket-sized, all-in-one product called the MTX device to measure and monitor health parameters which require invasive tests such as.

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  • Blood pressure, a risk factor for heart diseases.
  • Cardiac output (CO), indicates the volume of blood being pumped by the heart.
  • Hemoglobin (Hb or Hbg), a molecule in the blood that carries oxygen to cells.
  • pH level of the blood.
  • Red blood cell count.
  • The amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide present in the blood.


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