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A High Protein Diet Can Help A Heart Failure Patient To Live Longer


The function of the body in converting the protein into muscle mass will decrease as the person ages and there is an inverse association between them. An earlier study shows that the risk of heart failure increase with the age and ten percent of the adults aged more than 70 years are at the risk of heart failure. The Muscle mass can be maintained by increasing the protein consumption. The older adults should consume more protein for better health but they consume less. The United States Department of Agriculture (also known as the Agriculture Department) says that elderly people require between 150 and 200 grams of protein per day.

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The daily high protein diet can help the older (elder or elderly) heart failure patients to live longer with a lower mortality.

An European study shows a longer life expectancy for a heart failure patient with an enhanced consumption of the protein. Foods such as milk and milk products, lentils, beans, soybeans, nuts, seafood, poultry (or chicken), meat and egg contain protein (also known as macronutrient).

A 21-month follow-up study on 2,281 European patients from 11 countries to find out the chances of survival with protein consumption. The average age of the participants was 68 years. About 27 percent of them were women. They used the BIOSTAT-CHF (BIOlogy Study to TAilored Treatment in Chronic Heart Failure) study data for the study. Researchers used the urine urea excretion to estimate the daily protein consumption and to assess the mortality in the participants.

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Researchers found that the median consumption of the protein in the participants was 53 grams per day. The study shows 31 percent of the death rate in the older people consuming 40 grams or less protein when compared to the 18 percent of death rate among people consuming 70 grams or more proteins.

When researchers adjusted the results with factors such as renal function (or kidney function) and age which may influence the final results, the study shows a 46 percent of the higher risk of death among people consuming the lowest quartile of protein compared with people consuming the highest quartile of protein. The study clearly shows a better survival chance with the higher consumption of protein in older people and this association is independent of other factors.

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Authors say the current study was not intended to find a cause-effect relationship between protein consumption and survival from a heart failure. But how much protein consumption is required to prevent a heart failure in older adults was not clear. There is a need to perform a randomized controlled trial to find out the recommended amount of daily protein consumption for elderly people to prevent a heart failure.

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Recently, a Chinese nine-year follow-up study has found 18 percent of the lower risk of mortality (death) from diseases such as stroke and heart failure with the daily consumption of eggs. Researchers think that the improvement in the heart health of a patient is due to the increased muscle mass with the consumption of higher protein diet.

The study was presented at the World Congress on Heart Failure 2018, an event organized by the European Society of Cardiology, May 26 to 29 at Vienna, Austria. Author of the study was Koen Streng, a Ph.D., student, the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), the Netherlands.

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Published on July 28, 2018


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